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Rock Paintings (miniature sheet and souvenir sheet in set). Miniature sheet (4 stamps).

Stamp: Bison, 15000 B.C. Cave of Altamira
Edition type: commemorative stamps
Denomination: 900 Fr
Date of issue: 2015 Nov. 10
Depiction: Cave painting - steppe wisents, 2nd stamp in the sheet
Colour: multicolored
Paper: chalk-surfaced
Perforation: frame 13,25
Printing process: offset
Size of a stamp (mm):
Size of a sheet (mm):
Sheet composition: 4 (2*2) stamps
Printing run:
Stamp issuing authority:
Printer: Stamperija Ltd.

Cave paintings on other stamps of the miniature sheet:

900 Fr - Font-de-Gaume, France;
900 Fr - Cueva de las Manos (Cave of Hands), Argentina;
900 Fr - Chauvet Cave, France.

  Standing Wisent is trace of fragment of Polychrome Ceiling of the Great Hall caves of Altamira, Spain. Tracing of image from source was made Émile Cartailhac (Cartailhac E., Breuil H.: "La caverne d'Altamira à Santillane, près Santander (Espagne)". Monaco, 1906).
Themes: steppe wisent (Bison priscus), cave art
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