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Prehistoric Paintings (miniature sheet and souvenir sheet in set). Miniature sheet (6 stamps).

Stamp: Cave of Altamira, Spain
Edition type: commemorative stamp
Denomination: 16,00 MT
Date of issue: 2011 Oct. 30
Depiction: Cave painting - steppe wisents, 3rd stamp in the sheet
Colour: multicolored
Paper: chalk-surfaced
Perforation: frame 12,75:13,5
Printing process: offset
Size of a stamp (mm): 50*39
Size of a sheet (mm): 182*199
Sheet composition: 6 (2*3) stamps
Printing run:
Stamp issuing authority: Correios de Moçambique EP
  Special cancellation (ink - blue) and art envelope were used in first day of issue.

Cave paintings on other stamps of the miniature sheet:

16,00 MT - Chauvet Cave, France;
16,00 MT - Lascaux Caves, France;;
66,00 MT - Cave of Niaux, France;
66,00 MT - Lascaux Caves, France;
66,00 MT - Chauvet Cave, France.

Themes: steppe wisent (Bison priscus), cave art
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