Collecting of philatelic materials with cows (Bos taurus) is independent and interesting class of thematic philately. Some philatelic sites even support such line in search options. Usually such philatelists inform that they collect also stamps with wild bulls but only relating to genus of the true bulls (Bos). In spite of the fact that the Asian wild bull gaur (Bos gaurus) has name the Indian bison but affined to the true bulls and very resembling of them true representatives of Bison genus undeservedly are deprived of philatelic attention.

    They say any information can be found easily and simply in Internet. However search of data about postal issues with images of the American bisons and European bisons (wisents) unexpectedly was not so simply as could be wish.

    Data about some issues of stamp can be very detailed owing to the information given by directly postal administrations and because of a plenty of the interested philatelists. Data about other issues of stamps can be rather poor. There aren't such important data as size of stamp in many cases. The information about perforation size can be absent too. You can't estimate visual design of a stamp if you have only image scan with unknown resolution.

    In fact stamps with bison images unite many various fields of thematic philately. Here there is self-evident philatelic collecting of animals on stamps are stamps of air mail and service stamps, protection of nature and WWF, painting, definitive issues, coats of arms, stamps on stamps, personae, philatelic exhibitions and other things. Such variety is one of the reasons complicating information search about such stamps too.

    There are a little statistics. The first stamp with bison image was issued before last century - in 1898 USA. From here on the stamps with images of bison was issued by 58 postal administrations (or more) of all parts of the Old World and of the New World (Europa, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania). The images of American bisons (Bison bison) can be found on 108 (or more) stamps, images of wisents (Bison bonasus) on 81 stamps, images of steppe wisents (Bison priscus) on 41 stamps, images of long-horned bison (Bison latifrons) on 2 stamps, image of ancient bison (Bison antiquus) on 1 stamps.
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    This site represents the catalogue of philatelic materials on the "Bisons" theme. In addition to the catalogue of stamps over countries there are the separate sections devoted to pre-stamped post envelopes and pre-stamped postcards and also to special postmarks.

    In section "About bisons" various knowledge on genus Bison (about wisents, usual and prehistoric bisons) will be placed. Characteristics, descriptions, habitat ranges, taxonomy and evolution. The information is about commercial breeding of bisons because it is perspective and rapidly growing business in USA and Canada.

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