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Stamps by countries

Stamps are presented by a geographical principle: by parts of world (Europa, Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Oceania), then - by countries, by territories and international organizations issuing own stamps (United Nations).





Australia and Oceania


Distribution of stamps with the images of bison by topics.

Postal stationery

In this section information is about postal stationery which was found.

Stamped envelopes

Stamped postcards

Special postmark

The section contain information about various postmarks (cancellations) - first day of issue  postmarks, commemorative postmarks, calendar and postal franking machine postmarks. The postmark images should be connected with bisons or wisents without fail.

Information about bisons

The various knowledge is about representatives of the Bison genus (about European bisons, American bisons and primitive bisons) in this section. Characteristics, descriptions, biosystematics and evolution. The information is about business breeding of bisons.
Brief description
Taxonomy and phylogeny
Distinction of species and subspecies of the genus Bison
Change of the form of horns with age
Wisent’s diet and feeding
Errors on postage stamps with bisons
Books about wisents and bisons
Articles about wisents and bisons


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