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90th anniversary of the death of Buffalo Bill Cody (6 stamps and 3 souvenir sheets in set). Souvenir sheet - Bison.
Stamp: Bison (Bison bison)
Edition type: commemorative stamp
Denomination: 25000 Fr
Date of issue: 2007 Dec. 20
Depiction: Portrait of Buffalo Bill, Bisons; Indian chief Geronimo on margin of the sheet
Colour: multicolored
Paper: chalk-surfaced
Designer: Paul Puvilland
Perforation: frame 13:13,25 (syncopated)
Printing process: offset
Size of a stamp (mm): 50*39
Size of a sheet (mm): 142*108
Printing run:
Stamp issuing authority:

William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody was a United States soldier, bison hunter and showman. He was born in the Iowa Territory (now state of Iowa, USA) near LeClaire on February 26, 1846, and died January 10, 1917 in Denver, Colorado. Cody got his nickname "Buffalo Bill" when he had a contract to supply Kansas Pacific Railroad workers with buffalo meat and by killing 4280 American bison (commonly known as buffalo) in eighteen months 1867-1868.
Buffalo Bill became world famous for his Wild West Shows he organized with cowboy themes, which toured in Great Britain and Europe.

Geronimo (his Chiricahua name "One who yawns" is often rendered as Goyahkla or Goyathlay in English) was a military leader of the Chiricahua Apache who fought against Mexico and the United States for their expansion into Apache tribal lands for several decades during the Apache Wars. He was born in Mexico near the Gila River (now New Mexico, USA), on June 16, 1839 and died at Fort Sill, Oklahoma on February 17, 1909.

Themes: bison (Bison bison), persons, indians
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