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Souvenir Sheet. Royal Ontario Museum 1914-2014 (2 stamps).
  Stamp: Museum artifacts
Edition type: commemorative stamp
Denomination: P (Permanent, domestic rate)
Date of issue: 2014 Apr. 14
Depiction: Shiva Nataraja sculpture, mummified cat, bison; 1st stamp in the sheet
Colour: multicolored
Designer: Gerald Querubin
Perforation: frame 12,5
Printing process:
Size of a stamp (mm): 32*40
Size of a sheet (mm): 122*70
Sheet composition: 2 (2*1) stamp
Printing run:
Stamp issuing authority: Canada Post Corporation

Face value "P" always worth the going domestic rate of letter up to 30 g (priced at 0,85 canadian dollar on First Day of Issue).

Special cancellation (ink - black) and art envelope were used in first day of issue.

  On other stamps of the souvenir sheet are:
P - Luohan Chinese sculpture, dinosaur skeleton (Parasaurolophus walkeri).
Themes: bison (Bison bison), science
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