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Nature Reserves (6 stamps in set).

Stamp: Askania-Nova Nature Reserve, American bison and Zebra
Edition type: commemorative stamp
Denomination: 4 k
Date of issue: 1968 Oct. 16
Depiction: Bison (Bison bison) and Burchell's zebra (Equus burchelli)
Colour: multicolored
Paper: chalk-surfaced
Designer: V. Kolganov
Perforation: comb. 12,5:12
Printing process: offset
Size of a stamp (mm): 42*30
Size of a sheet (mm):
Sheet composition: 25 (5*5) stamps
Printing run: 4 000 000
Stamp issuing authority: Post of the Soviet Union
Printer: Goznak's Moscow printing factory
On other stamps of the set: 4 k - Purple swamphen, Astrakhan Nature Reserve; 6 k - Ostrich and golden phesant, Askania-Nova Nature Reserve; 6 k - Great egrets, Astrakhan Nature Reserve; 10 k - Eland and guanaco, Askania-Nova Nature Reserve; 10 k - Glossy ibis and white spoonbill, Astrakhan Nature Reserve.
Themes: bison (Bison bison), fauna, nature protection
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