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Nature Reserves (5 stamps in set).
Stamp: Wisent, Caucasian Nature Reserve
Edition type: commemorative stamp
Denomination: 1 k
Date of issue: 1973 Jul. 26
Depiction: Wisent (Bison bonasus)
Colour: multicolored
Paper: chalk-surfaced
Designer: V. Kolganov
Perforation: frame 11,25
Printing process: photogravure
Size of a stamp (mm): 70*35
Size a tete beche (mm): 50*50
Size of a sheet (mm):
Sheet composition: 20 (5*4) tete beches
Printing run: 7 100 000
Stamp issuing authority: Post of the Soviet Union
Printer: Goznak's Moscow printing factory
  Special cancellation (ink - black) and art envelope were used in first day of issue.
  Stamps were printed as tete beches.
On other stamps of the set: 3 k - Ibex, Caucasian Nature Reserve; 4 k - Caucasian snowcock, Caucasian Nature Reserve; 6 k - Eurasian beaver, Voronezh Nature Reserve; 10 k - Red deer, Voronezh Nature Reserve.
Themes: wisent (Bison bonasus), fauna, nature protection
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